Bulk messages

Sending a message to multiple applicants at once? In Teamio, you can do this with the elegance of a prima ballerina, without the recipient recognizing that it’s a bulk message. Simply filter your recipients, select the action you plan to take, fill in the necessary details and you’re ready to send.

Bulk rejection

Select the applicants you want to reject and send them a message. With a personalized greeting, they won’t even be able to tell the difference between a personal email and bulk communication from Teamio.

  • One-click selection
  • We offer personal and company templates
  • The possibility to personalize through addressing by name and other information

Bulk assessment center invitation

Do you need to invite multiple applicants to one appointment? Whether it’s some form of assessment center, group interview or trial shifts, in Teamio it’s just a few clicks away.

Bulk request for extension of consent

Teamio does the routine tasks for you. Like seeking out applicants with expiring consent and asking for an extension.


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Are you ready to take your recruitment to the next level?